48 Godly Character Qualities

ALERTNESS          Knowing what is going on around me          II Tim. 4:5a

ATTENTIVENESS      Listening with the ears, eyes and heart  Proverbs4:20-21

CAREFULNESS        Taking one step at a time to do a job right   Eph. 5:15

CONTENTMENT        Happy with what I have                           I Tim.6:5

COURAGE                Meeting opposition with confidence            Joshua 1:7a

COURTESY               Respectful words and way with others         1 Peter 3:8

CREATIVITY              Doing something in a new way                Genesis 1:31a

DECISIVENESS         Able to mkae up my mind                         Joshua 24:15

DILIGENCE                Working hard to accomplish a task             Prov.  22:29

DISCERNMENT          Able to see things as they really are           Heb. 5:14

EAGERNESS             Being excited about doing a task                Jude 3b

ENCOURAGEMENT    Bringing hope and cheer to others            1 Thess. 5:14

FAIRNESS                  Treating others equally                            1 Tim. 5:21b

FAITH                          Believing God will do what He says          Heb. 11:1

FLEXIBILITY            Willing to change my plans with a good spirit Phil. 4:12

FORGIVENESS           Treating someone as though he never hurt me Col. 3:13

FRIENDLINESS            Eager to share myself with others          Prov.  18:24

GENEROSITY              Sharing what I have                                II Cor. 9:7

GENUINENESS            Living the way your heart feels toward God  Joshua  24:14

HELPFULNESS            Ready to serve at any time                  Isaiah 41:6

HONESTY                    Truthful words and ways                        Eph. 4:25

HONOR                        Deep respect for  others                         Heb. 12:9

HOPE                           Quiet confidence in God's future for me    Psalm 16:19

HUMILITY                      Not taking credit for what God and others have  done   Prov. 16:19

INITIATIVE                     Making the first move without being asked           Pro.  6:6-8

JOYFULNESS               Being happy inside and out                          Psalm  35:9

KINDNESS                    Tender and gentle words and ways            Eph.4:32

LOVE                            Meeting anothers' need unselfishly              John 15:12

LOYALTY                      Supporting someone even when the going gets tough    Heb. 3:14

MEEKENESS                 Patience without anger                                   Titus 3:2

OBEDIENCE                   Doing what I am told with a happy, submissive spirit Heb. 13:17

ORDERLINESS               Everything in its place                          1 Cor. 14:40

PATIENCE                      Walking with a happy spirit                        James 5:8

PERSISTENCE                Doing a job when it gets tougher than expected   1Cor. 16:13

PROMPTNESS                Being on time                                            Ecc. 3:1

RELIABILITY                    Being trustworthy at al times                      Psalm 15:2

RESOURCEFULNESS      Applying special solutions to special problems   Pro.1:5

RESPONSIBILITY              Doing what I know I ought to do               1Cor. 4:2

SELF-CONFIDENCE          Knowing God iw working in and through me to do His will Phil. 1:6

SELF-CONTROL                Doing something even when I don't feel like it         1Cor. 9:25

TACTFULNESS                  Being able to do or say the right thing at the right time    Ecc. 8:5

TENDERHEARTED             Feeling the joys and hurts of others             Eph. 4:32

THANKFULNESS                Being grateful and saying so                          1 Thes. 5:18

THOROUGHNESS              Completing a job all the way                      II Tim. 4:7

THRIFTINESS                     Wise use of what I have                                   Luke 16:11

TOLERANCE                       Accepting others even if they are different                   James 2:1

VIRTUE                              Doing what's right, in Christ-like way                II Peter 1:5

WISDOM                            Thinking God's way                                           Prov. 4:7