[Don't know if this is true...but a lesson to think about, nevertheless!]

      In the mid 80's, this teenager named Brian Warner began to go to a youth group.  He was sort of an awkward kid, and no one really wanted to talk to him.  The youth pastor would go over to him, and like do the usual pastor thing, you know, how are you, that's good, and then talk to the other more popular kids.

      One day they went to an amusement park, and the pastor wanted them to be in pairs, but no one wanted to pair with Brian, so he walked the park by himself.  The pastor didn't think he really need to talk to Brian because he went to a Christian academy all his life up to 8th grade, and was raised in the church. Brian was at church for about 3 1/2 months, and one day he just stopped coming.

      Later on about a few years later, the youth pastor had become leader of a seminary, and one of his students was now a youth pastor, and he called him up.  He asked his former pastor if he remembered a kid named Brian Warner.  The pastor kinda remembered the name, but after a bit of description he knew who he was.  The guy asked his pastor, do you know who he is now? The former pastor said no.  The guy gave him a hint, "He doesn't go by Brian anymore."  The pastor was stumped.  He replied,  "Brian Warner is now Marilyn Manson."

"This is a true story.  As you can tell, the boy in this story, Brian, was shunned by the "Christians" in this youth group.  If you think hard enough, if he had been accepted into the group, he might not be what he is today.  He is a hurt man. Regardless of his actions he still has feelings, and truly believes that that is what Christianity is all about.  If some could reach him, maybe, just maybe, he could be able to bring millions of teenagers into Heaven, instead of leading down the road to hell.  Just something to think about... No matter how weird or awkward the person may seem, never ever be a snob towards them. They may need your love."