Buddy List

My Buddy List was empty, I was all alone
There was not one Buddy, on this puter phone
I looked at my list woefully, tears within my eyes
If my Buddies were around, they were in disguise!

I was in despair, no Buddies could be found
Like a lonely puppy, I wondered all around
I went into the chat rooms, one by one by one
And still I found no Buddies, my gosh, what have they done?

I began to panic, my hair now stood on end
As nervous little eyes, searched for just one friend
My mouse was all aquiver, as it searched the net
And I called out to Jesus, "Dear Lord, there's no one yet!"

My mouse bumped into Jesus, and I looked up in fright
I said to him, "Dear Lord, there's no one here tonight"
He looked into my eyes, with such a sad, sad smile
Then took me by the hand and said, "Come, let's talk awhile!"

His hand now touched my puter, the screen became quite blank
And in my chest, my heart, well it just sorta sank
He said, "Your heart, my son, it now needs some revival"
Then he handed me, something called "My Bible!"

And as I searched it's words, my heart began to rise
I'd begun to slip, and never realized
Within the words I found, such mercy, love and grace
As I looked up at Jesus, a smile lit up his face!

He said, "Well now you're ready, your motives now are right"
"You may go my son, and shine that precious light"
Again he touched my puter, the screen now came on line
He said, "Now find your Buddies, and share this love of mine!"