A Fortune!

The yard sale I had this last weekend went much better than I expected. I made a fortune! And not once did any of my family members throw themselves on an item screaming, "No! Don't buy that! I need it!"  Mostly they just stood around, sighed a lot and looked very pained.

It turns out it was me that had a problem selling some of the items. But it wasn't until a woman offered me a nickel for one of the children's book that I lost it.  This wasn't just any old book you see. This was Green Eggs and Ham! I must have read that book a thousand times to each of my children over the years. Sometimes I would even fix them that very thing for dinner (with the help of a little green food coloring. My cooking is not that bad!).

This book was priceless! Without even realizing I was going to do it I heard myself say, "I'm sorry, I have decided not to sell this one."

"I'll give you ten cents for it and not a cent more! It's only a kid's book," she told me curtly.

Looking into her scowling face I could not resist asking, "Have you ever eaten green eggs and ham?"

"Of course not!" she sputtered. "What a stupid question!" And with that said she made a final, less than kind comment and stormed out of the garage.

As I sat there feeling a bit silly about the whole thing I heard a small voice next to me say, "I have never eaten green eggs and ham but I would!"

Turning I looked into the smiling face of a little girl of about four.

"Would you eat them in a box?" I asked her.

She grinned, "I would eat them in a box and with a fox!" Then her little hand opened to reveal one shiny penny. "Is this enough for the book?"

"Well there is a small problem," I told her. "If I sell you Sam-I-Am, then Horton and the Cat in the Hat and all the others would be so lonely and sad. Do you think you could take them too?"

"Oh I could take them all! I really could!"

Her mother thanked me profusely as she helped her daughter gather up the books.

Asking her to hold on a minute, I dashed into the house and returned and handed the mother a small bottle.  Laughing as she gazed at the small green bottle, she told me, "Looks like I will have to stop at the store and get some ham and eggs."

The penny now sits in my memory box, forever a reminder of the true cost of something priceless.

See, I told you I made a fortune!