Hidden Books of the Bible

If you look carefully at these sentences, ignoring punctuation, you'll be able to ferret out the names of twenty books of the Bible.

  1. He plays banjo badly, but sings well.
  2. Tips, alms, inheritances: all are taxable.
  3. Man named Eugene. Sister named Judith. No further info.
  4. I'm at the window looking out onto the lawn.
  5. I am a Francophile, monsieur, et vous?
  6. Nur einmal? Ach! Ich bin enttauscht!
  7. He never went out without taking a walking stick.
  8. After visiting Jordan, I elected to go home.
  9. Yes, a most interesting book, I thought.
  10. Weather forecast: Storm. Ark needs repairs.
  11. Isn't it useless to protest to them?
  12. The oldest heritage isn't necessarily the best.
  13. A bushel of apples, all ripe: terrific!
  14. Is jam essential to a peanut butter sandwich?
  15. Those aren't the ones I asked for.
  16. A comic, a Hollywood agent, and a producer had lunch.
  17. Anna, humble Anna, dear sweet Anna!
  18. "This time the brew should have its effect," said the witch.
  19. He almost lost his fez, racing up the steps.
  20. That's the "Mona Lisa," I--ah--think. Or is it "Guernica?"