Our memories build a special bridge
when loved ones have to part
To help us feel we're with them still
and soothe a grieving heart.
Our memories span the years we shared,
preserving ties that bind,
They build a special bridge of love
and bring us peace of mind.
-Emily Matthews

A Golden Memory
Long years have past, yet there remains
A memory forged with golden chains
That ever binds me to the past--
A childhood memory made to last.
For constantly throughout the years
Remembrance comes of banished fears
When lamps were dimmed and prayers were said
And Mother tucked me into bed.

Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us.
-Oscar Wilde

The sweetest memories are made of unexpected pleasures.

Better than the gold of kings
are memories of happy things!

A memory safely tucked away
brings back a happy yesterday!

Recall it as often as you wish...
happy memory never wears out!
-Libbie Fudim

"God has given grace to allow memories of troublesome times to fade to pale shadows. Memories of happy times have been retained in living color!"

"When we get to Glory, we will become cognizant of all the eternal ramifications of what God did when He worked in the special times of our lives. We will have much about which to 'reminisce' and rejoice!"