I read “Sing Unto the Lord A New Song” with an open mind, but I’d like to comment on it if you don’t

My cousins are founders of a Christian rock band.  Does that make them sinners?  Not all rock music is bad.  Or is it?  I do agree there is a lot of trash out there, but you can’t stereotype all rock music. 

 I disagree with the quote, “Music has the power to communicate. Different chords create different moods—they are just notes, but one combination speaks of rest while the other of warning and tension.”  If a person is going to sin they are going to sin.  It doesn’t matter what kind of music they listen to.

You are bashing pop music.  You can’t bash all music.  If you do it’s going to come back to you.  In the end you’re going to be causing judgment on no one but yourself.  Jesus said that.  You call yourself a Christian, and yet you quote others who say, “If people knew what today’s pop music was saying—not what the words are saying, but what the music itself is saying—they would ban it, smash all the records, and arrest anyone who tried to play it.”  How can you quote something like that?  [That quote was from Cheetah, a Rock magazine—so rockers are “bashing” themselves. ~The Editor]

I kept reading, and now I’m fed up.  This site is ridiculous.  You blame everything on music.  This is so out of the world it’s not worth my time.  I’m going to tell my friends about this website and you’re going to hear the truth.

Jesus said to love your enemies.  In being a Christian, you lead non-Christians to believe totally the opposite of what Jesus is.  I can’t
believe you are a Christian.  I wish people like you didn’t have to represent people like me.

I strongly suggest you go right now to read your Bible and quit relying on the quotes of others.

I’m not mad at you (or God for that matter) about what He has written.  I’m mad about what you’re saying.  You are all wrong.  I’m very upset because of the way you see things.  In truth, my dear sister, I’m not mad at you at all, but the way in which you were raised.  I pray the Holy Spirit to help your parents in ways He hasn’t before.  I also pray that you (and your foul little mind) will stop condemning others.  “See your own sin.  Take a look at the plank in your own eye before you go try picking at the dust in mine.” There’s a quote for you.  Try looking to this Savior whom you say you trust but you have more quotes from humans than the Almighty.  This may be a surprise to you but you’re human!  Nothing you can say or do will make you saved.  We are all saved through the grace of the Father.  No one is above anyone else.  Just because you make these little putdowns doesn’t make you rise above anyone else.

Don’t believe me check out Ephesians 2:8-10


I have no intention of bashing people or music.  In that paper my intent was to compile research on music, in order for we as Christians to determine what type of music is God-honoring and worth listening to.  ~The Editor