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The Young Ladies Christian Fellowship's
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We've received many excellent e-mail "forwards," some of which we have used in the YLCF Journal in the past. We want to share our many other favorites with you here on our website, though, and other favorite articles, as well.

Some will make you laugh, others will make you cry...some will cause you to think, others will remind you of a lesson learned.  We hope you enjoy them all!  While not every one of them has a specifically Christian message, we have tried to use only that which is acceptable in content.

Unfortunately, as messages get forwarded over e-mail, the original author and any copyright is usually lost, so we have no way of knowing if the forwards were copyrighted...  Unless otherwise listed, the author and copyright are unknown to us.  If you know who was the original author of something listed here, please notify us, so we can credit them.  And if a piece is copyrighted and we are unable to receive reprint permission, we will remove it from our site as soon as we are notified...

We have attempted to categorize this list to some extent, though the topics are still quite broad... (If you are looking for an article on a very specific topic, try our search page, which will search the entire YLCF website--publication archives and all.)  Enjoy!  And please, send us any suggestions you might have, or any of your favorite forwards that we don't have on our website.

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P.S. If you enjoy our collection of favorite forwards and other articles, and would be interested in helping keep this section of the site updated, please e-mail me!
The job would entail being e-mailed some of the items we wish to include in our "Favorite Forwards & Other Articles"; creating an individual .htm file for each (following the format used in these pages--Times New Roman, size 12, white background, black text), formatting, "de-wrapping" the text, correcting typing/spelling errors, etc.; adding the items to this index page, under the correct categories; and uploading the files. You would need to have an "eye" for spelling and grammar errors and preferrably a little experience with creating web pages (though none is necessary). How much time you spent on it would be up to you, as I'd e-mail you only as many forwards as you wanted to do at a time.
If you're interested, please e-mail me at

God bless you!
Gretchen L. Glaser, YLCF Webmaster