Things to Remember in the Storm

God loves you and has come through before you.

God knows what is best and the best time.

Rushing God may mean settling for second best.

His grace is sufficient. He knows how much you can take and He establishes boundaries based on that. No storm will ever be too difficult.

You should trust who God is, not what He is doing.

You will never get to where He can't find you.

There's a difference between what God is doing and what He's up to.

The place of security is not in favorable circumstance but in His will.

Remember the sweetness of His presence.

He has a purpose - to make you what He wants you to be.

He adjusts history for His purpose.

He brought you here, He is praying for you, He will come to you, He will help see you through.

You may fail but God will succeed.

Whatever threatens to be over your head is already under His feet.