True Bravery

This story was told by an old priest one Sunday.
It is a true story of when he served in the military.

One day their drill sergeant came out and threw a hand grenade into a group of young soldiers. The men all ran away and took cover away from the grenade.

Then the drill sergeant told them the grenade was not set to explode and he just did it to see their reaction. The next day a newly recruited soldier joined the group. The drill sergeant told the other soldiers not to tell the new soldier what  was going to happen.

As the drill sergeant came out and threw the grenade into the crowd of soldiers, the new soldier, not knowing it wasn't going to explode, threw himself on top of the gernade to prevent it from killing the other men. He was willing to die for his fellow soldiers.

That year the young man was awarded the only medal of courage and bravery that had not been won during battle.