Wake Up, America!

It's late at night and I can't sleep.
My heart's so heavy, and in pain I weep.
My country's just turned it's back to the light,
And I'm so mad, I wanna fight.

The stock market's up, and interest rates down.
Kids are pregnant all over town.
But that's not so bad, not any more:
There's an abortion clinic just next door.

I carry my money in a great big wad.
My teacher's in jail for talking 'bout God.
There's clean white paint on new school walls,
While bodies of dead students litter the halls.

I struggle for the words that I wish I had,
My daughter's best friend now has two dads.
My next door neighbor says, "What the heck?"
She just received her government check.

I look in my pocket and count my change,
Thirty pieces of silver to my name.
My friends all tell me that "it's OK",
The economy is really strong today.

With the coins in hand, I catch the next flight.
It lands in Washington around midnight.
I look up at God and hope that it helps,
And throw the coins upon the Capitol steps.

"In God We Trust," that's for me.
But Jesus called it blasphemy.
The public says that "everything's OK"
But I tell you now, IT'S TIME TO PRAY!


Donated to the public domain for the public good by Bill Shipman.