Watch Out--This Could Happen to You--
Be On Your Guard--Be Safe, Not Sorry

This happened in Columbus, MS:

A woman was shopping at the Tuttle Mall in Columbus.  She came out to her  car and saw she had a flat.  She got her jack, spare out of the trunk.  A man in a business suit came up and started to help her.

When the tire had been replaced, he asked for a ride to his car on the opposite side of the Mall.  Feeling uncomfortable about doing this, she stalled for awhile, but he kept pressing her.  She finally asked why he was on this side of the Mall if his car was on the other. He claimed he had been talking to friends.  Still uncomfortable, she told him that she had just remembered something she had forgotten to pick up at the mall and she left him and went back inside the mall.

She reported the incident to the mall security and they went out to her car.  The man was nowhere in sight. Opening her trunk, she discovered a brief case the man had set inside her trunk while  helping her with the tire.  Inside was rope and a butcher knife!

When she took the tire to be fixed, the mechanic informed her that there was nothing wrong with her tire, that it was flat because the air had been let out of it!

"The moral of this story...learn to change your own tire, call someone you know and trust to help you or call mall security in the first place to assist you.  Please Be Safe...and not sorry.

"Although this happened in Columbus, it could happen anywhere there are many dangers around. Just a warning to always be alert. Never let your guard down.  Good story for women to know about, although with the danger in today's world, everyone needs to be careful (not just women)."