When God Says
by Maria Urso

When I am discouraged,
And I feel I can't stand,
Reaching out to me quickly,
He takes hold of my hand.

And softly He whispers,
Into my heart's ear,
"My child faint not,
For your Father is here."

When I am struggling,
To see what's ahead,
He says to me, "Child,
Look to Me instead."

"For the struggles of life,
Will come to and fro,
But I surely will lead you,
In the way you should go."

When I'm lonely and feel,
Like I don't have a friend,
Jesus says, "My dear child,
I'm with you to the end."

"Trust me and know,
That wherever you are,
There I am also,
Near or far.

Whenever I'm doubtful,
Of what will transpire,
His precious Holy Spirit,
Anoints me with fire.

"Fear not", says the Spirit,
In Me, Be ye strong,
Be of courage and good cheer,
To God ye belong."