It isn't Xmas, but Christmas
For that's the day Christ came.
When you take Christ out of Christmas
You cross out life's best name.

I wonder why they cross out Christ,
The best that God could give.
I wonder why they've forgotten.
That we for Him should live.

Why take Christ's name out of Christmas?
For He came to set us free.
If we had Christmas without Christ
How hopeless we would be.

Why, is it ~ that they cross out Christ,
The greatest gift of all?
Why, is it ~ that nobody cares
Or listens to His call?

To me ~ X ~ stands for nothing,
Then why, cross His name out?
To me ~ Christ ~  means everything
He took away my doubt.

I'll never try to shame my Lord,
I'll keep His name in place;
Then when life here below is over,
I'll see Him face to face.

Love and serve Him this year.
It isn't Xmas but it's Christmas,
Ring it out, loud and clear.

~ author unknown ~


Background: Christmas Journey (From CloudEight's "A Blessed Christmas" stationery collection)